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Are you insured?

Absolutely. I’m fully insured for public and personal liability.

Do you have back-up equipment?

I certainly do. I tend to shoot most of the day with one camera, but I always have a spare in the bag.

Can we print from the disk of photos?

Unlike some photographers, I don’t see the point in giving my clients a USB

memory stick full of photos covered in copyright and so small you can’t do

anything with them. The USB memory stick that you will receive contains

both high resolution photos for you to print from and compressed photos

ideal for sending via email or sharing over the internet on Facebook, etc.

How far do you travel?

I travel just about anywhere. 

What is the booking procedure?

Once you’ve got in touch and we’ve confirmed I am available for your wedding date, a non-refundable £300 deposit is required to secure your day along with a short booking form. It’s really simple!

Do you take formal shots?

People tend to hire me for my relaxed documentary style of photography, but I do like to include some formals in the final set of photos. I also understand that some people from an older generation (not mentioning any names - Mums and Dads) like to have some of the more traditional shots and it’s nice to keep them happy too!